Kratom Flour

Remarkable Herbs

Available in 1 oz, 3 oz, 8 oz and 6 different strains. One of the highest quality best selling powder line in the market.

Whole Herbs

Available in 5 different strains, Whole herbs along with their kratom capsules has become the most successful selling line in America


Available in a unique set of strains, phoria kratom is quietly sneaking up as a big player in the industry. Fully fda compliant their product is guaranteed safe and effective


Available in 100g and 50g Options, just one blend is available taking the guess work out. Supreme blend. I have never had an unhappy customer with zion Kratom


Available in 2 options, Maeng da and Malay 1 oz Powder. OPMS Silver is considered 1X enhanced kratom and is the most effective available. exclusive and hard to find

Shaman Botanicals

Our house blend of kratom, Shaman Botanicals is packaged using our premium kratom that is tested and with MIT levels above 2%. Available in just Red White or Green Vein, 3oz ,8 oz, and 1/2kg options. You will be impressed by the potency of this kratom line.