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Maybe the easiest way to pay. You can mail payment like normal, or for convenience, just add us to your Online Bill Pay through your bank. Then you wont even have to pay for the stamp, your bank will mail the payment for you and you will have record of all your payments. All Payments get mailed to: Shaman Supplies LLC 3817 Pine Forest Ln, St Charles MO 63304. Please submit the form below to let us know you are mailing your payment.

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All forms of Payment Payable to Shaman Supplies LLC

To: Shaman Supplies LLC

Address: 3817 Pine Forest Ln, St Charles MO 3304

Please submit the form above so we know to look for your payment. It never hurts to include a small not in the envelope with the information matching the information on your order. If you have any questions or concerns botanicalpros@GMAIL.COM

Botanical Pros

4131 S Old Highway 94, Saint Charles, Missouri 63304, United States